Animated Santas Gifs






3D Christmas Smileys

3D Christmas Smileys.

Animated Reindeer Alphabet

This free reindeer alphabet set for the Christmas season has blinking lights on their antlers.  

Animated Christmas Alphabet Variety Set

This free animated alphabet set has a little variety to each letter. Some are Santa’s, Christmas Elves, Candy Canes,  Snowmen, Reindeer (Rudolph of course), Gingerbread men, Christmas stockings, and  Christmas candles.

Animated Christmas Smiley Alphabets

Free animated Smiley Christmas holiday alphabet. 

Free Christmas Smileys

One hundred /100 plus FREE Christmas smileys to choose from for your blog, website or favorite forum. Included are snowmen, presents, signs, Christmas lights, wreaths, candles, Christmas tree, cookies, bulbs, reindeer, (Rudolph included) elf/elves and of course Santa, there’s even one of Santa mooning. 

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