An a to z FREE collection of small, med and large smileys, including a collection of 3D smileys in small and large size. They’re all funny, and for you to use as you like.

All smileys are free public domain.

To save a smiley to your computer place your pointer over the smiley you want, right click, then chose “save image as.” Once you use it online the smiley will become live again.

Have fun. 🙂

13 thoughts on “About

  1. You’re amazing!!! I love this site—-it’s one of THE best smiley sites on here!!! Thanks for collecting sooooo many of these!!!! You ROCK!!!

  2. This is an incredible amount of Smileys and they are brilliant. Just one problem tho, when using a tablet, there is no mouse which can be clicked 😦

  3. I found this website today and really like all the smileys. I tried to post a smiley in a forum, using your instructions. I right click it, then choose copy image location, but when I paste it, I only get the link, not the smiley. I’m using Firefox. I didn’t have the copy image location using Internet Explorer.

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